Decades of experience supporting youth and education in Rochester

Mayo High School
Luther College
Major: Management Information Systems; Minors: Computer Science, Psychology (Child Development emphasis)

School District Experience
Superintendent’s Budget Reduction committee (2008-2009)
Facilitator of parent interview group for superintendent interviews (2007)
Gifted Services Advisory Committee (2005-2013)
Friedell Highly Gifted School-Within-A-School Task Force (2006)
Elton Hills Site Improvement team (2008-2009)
Highly Gifted Elementary Task Force (2010)
Gifted & Talented Coordinator interview teams (2007 & 2011)
PreK-3 Committee (2015-2016)
Rochester Regional Science Fair (2005-present)
SAFE Program community mentor at Century (2012-2013)
Operating Referendums (2006, 2010, 2015)
Gibbs Building Referendum (2007)
Attending vast majority of school board meetings since 2005

Leadership Roles
Rochester Public School Foundation President (2017-present)
GATEway President (2005-2010, 2017-present), Vice President (2015-2017)
Elton Hills PTSA President (2008-2009), Secretary (2003-2004)
Friedell PTSA President (2010-2011), Vice President (2009-2010)
John Marshall PTSA President (2014)
Aldrich Memorial Nursery School Financial Assistance Chairperson (2003-2004)
GATEway Science Fair Steering Committee  (2007-present)
Alliance for Strong Rochester Public Schools Vice Chair (2015)
Yes for Students Committee Assistant Secretary (2010)
Regional Science Fair Display & Safety Trainer (2018)
Co-Facilitator, PAIIR for First Time Parents group (1997-1998)
Elton Hills Enrichment Coordinator (2005-2009)
Chair of multiple PTSA committees and events (2001-2012)

Education-Related Councils and Non-Profit Boards
Rochester Public School Foundation Board of Directors (2011-present)
Minnesota Department of Education Gifted & Talented Advisory Council appointee (2007-2015)
GATEway Board of Directors (2005-present)
Aldrich Memorial Nursery School Board of Directors (1998-2003)
MCGT State Board of Directors (2009-2014)
MCGT Legislative/Policy Committee (2006-2008)
Haunted Hallways/Boo Fest Core Team (2010-2013, 2015-present)

School/PTSA Volunteer
Elton Hills weekly classroom volunteer (2001-2009)
PTSA member: Elton Hills, Friedell, John Marshall, Northstar Chapter (2001-present)
Creator and instructor for enrichment classes: Brain Stretching, Math Games, Authors Club (2004-2010)
Science Fair Outreach & Workshops (2008-present)

Other Volunteer/Community Experience
Ronald McDonald House Housewarmer (2000-2005)
Olmsted County Foster Parent (1996-2000)
Cancer Support Group Facilitator (2001-2006)

Recent Work Experience
Aldrich Memorial Nursery School Substitute Teacher (2002-present)
Market Force Information Certified Field Associate (2017-present)

Mayor’s Medal of Honor: Schools/Education (2012)
NAGC National Parent of the Year (2007)
MCGT Friend of the Gifted Award (2007)