Elect Melissa Amundsen for Rochester School Board Seat 2

Decades of Experience

Over twenty years of service to the community,
supporting youth and education in Rochester.


Solid knowledge of school district issues through many years
of school board meeting attendance and service on
multiple school district committees.

Proven Leadership

Extensive leadership experience as president or chair of
numerous education-related organizations.

I am a lifelong Rochester resident and a proud graduate of Rochester Public Schools, as are my two children, ages 21 and 22. I have a B.A. from Luther College, with a major in Management Information Systems and minors in Computer Science and Psychology (Child Development emphasis). I am running for Seat 2 on the Rochester School Board.

I am a strong believer in the importance of high quality public schools and I have been an advocate for children and education in Rochester for decades. My experience on numerous education-related nonprofits and school district committees provides me with the knowledge and qualifications necessary to be an effective school board member. I have a proven track record of leadership and dedication to education. Please see my Experience page for my long history of community involvement.

I am deeply involved with educational causes because I believe in the value of education and I believe that I can assist in making public education in Rochester even stronger than it already is. I have been a constant presence in the Edison board room, attending the vast majority of school board meetings since 2005, closely following all school district business. I will bring knowledge, history, passion, perspective, and commitment to the Rochester School Board.